Public Speaking

Pilgrim Fathers Lecture

On Thursday 14 December 2017 the Plymouth Law Society had the great pleasure and privilege to hold its annual Pilgrim Fathers Lecture at the University of Plymouth.


This year’s speaker was Sir Anthony Clarke the Master of the Rolls and his lecture was entitled “Advocacy – Pleasures and Pitfalls”.  


Sir Anthony’s wide ranging theme allowed him to encompass many centuries of advocacy.   He brought his address bang up-to-date with the modern day war crimes tribunals and a discussion in relation to the trail of Saddam Hussein.  


Sir Anthony’s strong association with maritime law underpinned the advocacy theme and reflected the commercial and maritime nature of Plymouth.


The lecture was very well attended and was received with great warmth.


In attendance were the city’s Lord Mayor, Michael Fletcher and the Lady Mayoress Sally Cresswell.   It was great to see so many members of the legal profession and the University of Plymouth’s law students in attendance.


We would like to thank Sir Anthony for his attendance.  We would also like to say how grateful we were to the University of Plymouth and Plymouth City Council for their support of this event.   Thanks must also go, of course, to the HSBC Bank for choosing to endorse and sponsor this prestigious event.